Western BBQ Smoking Chips, Cherry

180 cu in (2.95 dm3)., 100% natural. Tangy & mild. Premium BBQ products., Looks Good. Tastes Good. Cherry wood produces a mild smoke that has tangy, fruity flavor. It complements lighter meats such as chicken and fish, or goes great with vegetables. Cherry is also known for adding a reddish tone that gives beautiful color to pork, poultry, and salmon. Whether its a backyard barbeque or a competitive cook-off, cherry wood makes a great impression., Heat Treated: All of our wood is heat treated to a minimum interior temperature of 71 degrees C for at least 75 minutes. Heat treatment eliminates pests and prevents mold. For more information visit: www.westernbbqproducts.com/heat-treatment.html. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! W W Wood, Inc. distributes the world's finest smoking wood products. We stand behind our products with a complete money back guarantee. www.chips.westernbbqproducts.com., www.woodinc.com. Made in the USA.