La Tortilla Factory® Wheat Free Gluten Free Ancient Grain Ivory Teff Wraps 10.16 oz. Bag

Limited only by your imagination, our certified Gluten Free Wraps are a perfect way to enjoy all your favorite dishes while maintaining a gluten free diet and lifestyle. Welcome back burritos, tacos, enchiladas, pizza crusts, wrap sandwiches and more! Our new and improved recipe makes these wraps softer and tastier than ever.The Tamayo family founded La Tortilla Factory in 1977, and three generations later, we remain committed to baking tortillas and wraps that are tastier, easier and more inspiring. We think they are simply a better way to eat anything. Made with ancient whole grain Ivory Teff, our Gluten Free Wraps contain 0g trans fat, 1g of dietary fiber and have 10g of whole grain per serving.Try these in place of traditional tortillas or as delectable substitutes for pizza crust, sandwich bread, chips or hamburger buns. Heat and enjoy for optimal flavor and texture.Here are a few ways we think our Gluten Free Wraps will make any meal better:• Redefine the morning scramble with a breakfast burrito• Go forkless & roll up a chicken caesar salad• Ditch the bun: wrap your burger or dogGet inspired! A Better Way to Eat Anything Gourmet Wraps